We Start with Self-discipline

We Start with Self-discipline

Happiest Monday,

Ours was extra sweet, celebrating a child’s birthday today. I’ve known “C” since she was months old having known her family even longer, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her at almost every stage. As a very young infant in RIE classes before she could roll over, an adventurous two year old challenging herself every step of the way, when she joined our school program, and now a four year old confident and as interested in learning new things just as she was, at each step of her development along the way.

Today was also Michealmas, our autumn day festival. It’s one of my favorites, reminding me of our connection to each other. Each of us, struggle with our own dragon (inside of us) to tame.

We had our play, with one child dressed as a dragon, another as a knight Michael, protector, and others, who were industrious farmers. Our story spoke about taming the beast, and I was reminded of the continued work it is for each one of us.


Want to take a peek into our school program join us for our Open House, October 18 10 am – 12 pm. 

Visit our classroom, meet our teachers, and enjoy some nurturing food. Children are welcome.

• Play based mixed age kindergarten
• Waldorf trained and RIE ™ Certified Lead Teacher
• Accepting Applications for 2015-2016 

For more info visit our website at www.homeschoolgardensite.com

When I work with families and the art of developing discipline,

we start with self-discipline.

We can’t teach what we don’t know.


This month in our Optimistic Parenting classes,

we will be focusing on developing discipline.

Join our Facebook community and keep your eyes open for tips on discipline

through the lenses of Observation, Rhythm, Consistency, and Room for growth.


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