LISTENING FULLY, like you were born too.

LISTENING FULLY, like you were born too.

What a wonderful change of weather we are having in Southern Cal, even though the heat didn’t seem to slow down the children much. Our week was full with running, storytelling, knitting, a parent workshop, and next up will be our field trip, to the LA County Fair.


Some weekdays I have the opportunity to be a contributor to Earth School (an online community that inspires you, to be the best YOU and get the best out of your time on Earth).


This morning the message was..


like you were born too.

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It’s Erica here with your Monday Wake Up Call, and I’m here to kick off the week of LISTENING. I’m going to start us off with a quote from Stephen Covey, the author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: “Most people don’t listen to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.”

Not an easy one for me to remember. How many conversations can you remember lately with interruptions — whether it be the chatter in your head, the well intended partner, or your phone letting you know that you have a text message? It doesn’t take another generation to show us the influences of technology in our communication.

There’s a lot of talk about children having short attention spans. And I’m here to let you know that working with children every day, I get to see they are the complete opposite. Their open hearts, their curiosity, their observation skills are so strong developmentally. How else would it be within the first three years — learning to stand, learning a new language, and learning to communicate their needs and wants even before they know how to speak. They’re listening with their whole bodies and open hearts.

In the beginning you might sound much like Charlie Brown’s teacher does to them, ‘wah, wah, wah. wah ‘

Children don’t stop listening. They keep trying to devise the language until they’re able to crack the code and understand what was once foreign.

So this week, please take a clue from our wee folk here. Listen with your whole body (eye contact too) and an open heart.

To being present and available,


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